Thursday, July 20, 2006

Uh oh

Two nights in a row without playing any poker! I have been overdue for a break and it looks like that break is here. I am busy at work trying to clean things up to take next week off and will be away for the weekend and part of next week. So, it looks like I'll be going up to a week with no poker. Hopefully the break does me some good. Perhaps I'll catch up on some poker reading in the meantime.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


A night passed without me playing any poker. I'm not sure how that happened exactly, but I just didn't feel like playing last night, so I didn't. In order to maintain my geek status, I tried to get reacquainted with my Druid on WOW instead. The seven month break from WOW has left me more than a little rusty and it felt quite similar to playing a no limit ring game to me - I was clueless.

I received two emails out of the blue yesterday about advertising on my 'blog'. After I got over the embarassment of actually having a blog I quickly moved on to just feeling puzzled about why anyone would actually want to advertise on it. As far as I can tell, I only get about 15 visitors a day, 10 of which are usually just me, 2 of which accidentally landed here by following a strange google search link and 3 of which are tracing back from their site meters as I usually use my own links on the right as a jumping point. I know that I do get a couple legitimate visitors as well but the number is relatively small. In addition, in order to get a decent page ranking I think you have to be linked to by a large number of highly ranked sites and to the best of my knowledge, I am not.

So, I'm not sure how they found me and what threshold was crossed in order for it to happen. I'm kind of a fan of money, so I will seriously consider putting up some advertising, but I'm also pretty lazy and some part of me really likes not having anything like that on this site as well, so I'm not 100% sure which way I'll go.

To date I have not bothered doing the pimping thing. I linked to some of the blogs I read regularly and left it at that. Anyone who finds there way here will already know of anyone I could possibly pimp, so it seems kind of pointless.

Thanks for the links folks!

Ian's Poker Plan was the very first site to link to me after some correspondence between us with me asking some completely noob questions about linking etiquette. I had been following his journey from total beginner to winner but his site went down for some time due to a hacker and I haven't seen it pop back up anywhere yet.

Counting My Outs was the next site to link to me and is still the first blog I visit every day. Michael is one of the minority bloggers who play and write about limit hold'em, which is of great interest to me and he is a great guy.

Poker4peace was another of the first sites to link to me. Slimeface blogs from all over the place as he travels the US, delivering goods and taking snapshots of glorious bottoms. I also had the pleasure recently to provide him with some chips at one of the Mookie events.

Trials of a Poker Apprentice is a great source for all kinds of poker headline news.

Littleacornpoker, a thirty something boy toy, from across the big pond.

Low Limit Grinder snuck a link in there somewhere without me noticing to become the only site to link to me before I managed to link to them. I got to play with Gary not long ago in my first Mookie and was the partial cause of making him take a couple days off of poker as I managed to dish out the final suckout in a long string of them. Oops. He took it well and seems like a nice guy.

I was using Grinder's Warehouse site long before I even realized poker blogs existed. He is another limit player and is constantly running simulations.

One day the blogfather himself even pimped my blog. I am still waiting for the T-shirt. Iggy is the King of the uber post and I only wish he could post them every day. Fittingly, there was an opening quote on that post by Bill Rini along the lines of as the number of poker blogs has increased the number 0f blogs worth reading has decreased.

Somewhere along the way another one of the old guard, Alcanthang, gave me some pimpage. I would like to go drinking with Al someday. If I was allowed to stick to just rum and cokes and he went three drinks for each of mine, I think I could hang with him for half a night.

More recently I bumped across the blog of a fellow from my own town who set me up a link. Klopzi is highly entertaining and plays at limits near mine. His blog was part of a chain of events which got me to try out some casino whoring, so I probably owe him a cut of my $300 or so to date.

And the most recent blog to hit me up with a link is Inside the mind of C.L. Russo. I had added a bunch of new links to the sidebar one day and he very quickly reciprocated.

There were more than I thought. If there are other links to me out there, sorry I missed them and THANKS!

I don't intend to do much in the way of pimping in the future, so I'm going to have to get it all out today.

Check out these blogs too:

Felicia Lee - The second blog I open every day. If her name was Alicia Lee, she would probably be the first. Always a very interesting read and she'll email you nude pics of her rack if you ask nicely.

The Poker Chronicles and DoubleAs, two of several published bloggers.

Flights of Iakaris - Canadian ties, supermodel Doctor, extremely entertaining. But most of all, I love Iak for introducing me to Melinda.

Check out CC's new site with Poker Works and also follow Pauly and Otis at the WSOP.

Okay, I very quickly tired of trying to single out individual blogs and this post is taking far too long. I remember another reason I don't pimp - I hate html. Anyway, also check out all the blogs I have linked on the right bar and then check out all the blogs they have linked.

The day is flying by, time to attack the work piled on my desk.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Pool 'n Poker

Saturday turned out to be great fun, despite some uncooperative weather. We arrived at my friends around 2 in the afternoon and finally rolled out sometime near 2 in the morning. Yeah, we are THOSE guests. The buggers you can't get to leave at the end of the night.

The poker was fun, but I was definitely bubble boy, going out just before the money in the vast majority of the games we played. I did manage to get a small taste of the money when I was involved in a 3-way chop which was prompted by hunger and great smells wafting from the bbq. My girlfriend and brother played as well and held their own all day.

Always eager to learn new things, later in the evening I learned that naked cannonballs can sometimes hurt.

On Sunday I took part in another of the $1K added limit tourneys at Party Poker. There were over 1,400 entrants in this one and I made my exit somewhere around 270th. Other than that tourney, I didn't play all that much poker with the exception of some micro limit stud hi lo. After three days off of ring games, I may hop back in there soon as I have a reload offer waiting at Empire for another $75.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Karma's Sweet Kiss

Party Poker $1K added $6 limit tourney

I started Team Floppy today when I stabled my first two players. I got sick of watching my girlfriend and brother continue to spend $1 juice on every $5 SNG over at Paradise and begged them to join Poker Stars, at least until they move up to $10 SNG's. Neither of them had any money available to throw at another site, so once they set up accounts, I transferred $100 to each of them. I mentioned that I expect 20% of their winnings for life but judging by the laughter that suggestion received, I don't think I'll be seeing much back, which is cool.

Setting up multiple accounts all at once turned out to be a bit of an issue as Poker Stars has a security feature in place to prevent multiple accounts from being set up on the same computer. A quick email to support straightened everything out, once again impressing me with Stars support which is top notch.

I stayed away from limit ring games today and stuck to my plan to have some fun with a few small tourneys. I played in a $3 limit hold 'em tourney at Poker Stars and finished 152nd out of 315. Then my brother and I both played in one of the Paradise Million qualifier free rolls. I outlasted him but I still didn't make it much past the final 1,000 out of the 3,000+ entrants.

While we were playing the freeroll at Paradise, I started up a $1K added $6 limit tourney at Party which ended up with 926 entrants. In the matter of two hands in the early going (AA and AK) I eroded my stack down to 1/3 of what I started with and sat tight waiting for good opportunities to chip up. Eventually those opportunities came and I started working my way back up. I did catch AA three times in the first two hours and KK at least twice as well, which certainly helped a lot - when they held up.

Before I knew it we were approaching the bubble for the final paid 100 and I was sitting on an above average stack. I had been enjoying tables where I was chip leader and was able to steal blinds without opposition fairly regularly until I ended up at a table with the two chip leaders. From about 110 players to 45 players, I went completely card dead but managed to stay afloat with the odd steal here and there.

Eventually, a key hand happened which saw me taking down a massive pot. I actually botched the hand on every street when I called a pre flop raise with pocket tens from the button and ended up with an open ended straight draw with two overcards on the board. I kept meaning to raise to find out where I was in the hand, but I ended up just cheaply and weakly calling down. I found myself headsup at the river with a massive pot with too many overcards to my Tens against a pre flop raiser who had continued to bet throughout the hand. The pot was too big and I was already kicking myself for how I played the hand but I felt I had to call for one more bet and was very pleasantly surprised when the whole bundle of chips slid my way and gave me a very nice cushion to work with.

The cards dried up again and as the final table approached I was hovering just above the average stack. I just hunkered down and waited the bad run of cards out, slowly getting blinded down. As I had tightened up so much, with my squeaky image I was able to steal some blinds now and then but I had the chip leader on my immediate left making it tough. Eventually I busted the short stack and made it to my very first final table in an MTT with an average stack.

The bad cards kept coming and I went clam tight. I lost a small chunk unsuccessfully defending my blinds and for a while I never got anything even worth trying to defend with, let alone open a pot with. We played ten handed for quite a while when finally two people went out on the same hand, further inflating pile of chips in front of the big stack. Shortly thereafter the big stack knocked someone else out by which time I was the small stack. I was short to the point where I had to commit to a hand and just push it for all I could as soon as I caught something worth playing when I caught a run of pocket pairs. I pushed hard pre flop and pushed hard on the flop and took a couple decent sized pots without showdown.

After opening a couple pots in a row I raised 1st in from the small blind with pocket threes and the massive stack smooth called from the big blind. The flop came down with a very juicy 33A and I bet out on the flop while my girlfriend screamed at me to check it. On many steal attempts I had put a continuation bet out on the flop and checked the turn if I didn't improve only to have the big stack stuff bets in my face and take the pot right there. So, I was pretty certain my flop bet wouldn't scare him away, especially seeing as though he had a 6 to 1 chip advantage. I checked the turn, knowing he would bet at the pot at which time I raised and he called down from there. The blind level at this point was high enough that in just a few short hands I had quickly gone from short stack to second in chips.

That hand was pretty much the highlight for me and the cards dried up on me again but people quickly got bumped off from this point. I slid into 6th, then 5th and on and on until it was just three handed. I was severely outchipped but did what I could, which eventually saw me hitting the road with a set running into straight.

So, I made my first final table in a paid multi-table tourney. And even better, I made my first final three at the same time! I made some mistakes along the way but one thing I managed to do very well was stay patient when I needed to. I basically patienced my way from the final 100 all the way to third, not panicing when I was getting dealt orbit after orbit of crap. Of course, I was also very lucky to catch some hands when I did. Third place paid $450, so this was a pretty serious score for me and an incredibly huge bonus as I was just hitting up some tourneys for fun and a change of pace. I know a lot of it was luck, but this sure does give me some hope for future tourneys and was nice timing after the several bubble finishes recently in addition to the horrible losing streak I had been on.

I am relieved to now know exactly how to turn around a big losing streak. Just give away a couple hundred dollars and hit the money in a multitable tourney.


Extended losing streaks suck and everyone has to deal with them at some point. Over and over again I'm sure. I have been on my most wicked losing streak ever but up until last night I actually felt as though I was playing fairly well for the most part, despite the repeated losing sessions. Now, there is no doubt that I have leaks contributing to the losses, but in general I don't think I had been playing horribly. Last night I managed to change that thought and played like a total idiot for a while. It was a very ugly suck fest and I was majorly tilting. I unplugged before doing too much damage, dropping another $30 on the night - but I had been up $30 at one point.

I rode the rocket up to +$1,300 and have now dropped $600 of that back in the last three weeks. Normal? Yeah, probably pretty standard and I will get back on track soon enough I'm sure. As long as I don't run around imploding like I did last night. That was my first real tilt session and I could have, and should have, stopped playing earlier as I knew full well I was going off the deep end as it happened.

Shortly after crawling away from the tables, updating my record keeping and sobbing for a while, my brother rolled into town. He plays a bit of poker online at Paradise, sticking mainly to $6 SNG's and we talked about all things poker for a while. I'm going to try to get him into a little bonus chasing to build up a bit of a bankroll. He has some money at Paradise and pretty much sticks to the $6 SNG's with some success. His downfall tends to be bankroll management as with $35 in his account I once watched him sit at a $30 SNG...which he luckboxed a win on. He has only played hold 'em, so we fired up some micro stakes stud hi lo for a while and much to his dismay he lost $1.19 of my hard earned money. Then we tried out some omaha hi lo, which was good for a chuckle or two watching him try to figure out the best hand. Much of the chuckling was at myself as well, as I still screw it up nicely from time to time.

Tomorrow is a poker, pool and bbq day. A buddy of mine out in the 'burbs put in a wicked pool last year and we have been talking about combining a poker night with a pool day for a while now. The weather is going to be perfect for hanging out by a pool and it should be a lot of fun. The host and a couple of the other regular poker guys have kids which will love it, so this should be great for them too. I suspect poker will take a bit of a backseat to everything else that is going on but poker is just a mean bitch that can bite my ass anyway.

Okay, maybe I'm a tiny little bit bitter right now. I love poker and I can't wait to play more! I am definitely taking a bit of a break from grinding 6-max limit play but will have some fun with a couple tiny buy-in tourneys, some more stud and I am looking forward to the live play tomorrow.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Win some, lose some

I ventured back to play some 6-max limit at Party last night in order to keep working on clearing the reload bonus. Due to the recent beatings I have been taking, I decided to slide back down to the $0.50/$1.00 tables until I pop through the other side of the variance wall and I am quite happy to stay there as long as I need to. I have the bankroll for roughly a bazillion big bets at that limit and a even an awful night at $0.50/$1.00 will not beat my psyche into the ground too badly anymore.

The first table I started out on brought me good cards and great pots, making for a nice fast start but that table cleared out quickly. The next couple tables I sat at were nothing special and I ended up roughly break even, up a couple bucks. Tables kept breaking forcing me to move on. I was blessed with nice opponents at most tables with many extremely loose players and not too many aggressive players, however, I managed to run a couple of my big hands into monster hands getting QQ and KK cracked a couple times each, plus some other blunders. In the end, I was down somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 by the end of the night. D'oh!

But none of that matters, because I played some more hi/lo stud later and had a blast again. I moved all the way up to the big $0.10/$0.20 tables towards the end of the night after tripling my massive $2 buy in on a $0.04/$0.08 table. The level of competition at $0.10/$0.20 was fierce and I didn't have the same huge edge I was enjoying at the lower limit but I managed to break even. Does deadpan humor translate well to the written word? I suspect not, but I crack me up anyway and that is pretty much all that matters.

Lost $30 at hold'em.
Won $4 at stud.
Threw my arms in the air and declared myself stud champion.
Threw my girlfriends legs in the air and had her declare me stud champion too.
Some facts have been altered slightly. For example, I think she threw my legs in the air and declared me stud champion.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


In order to spare my laptop the wrath of being tossed through a wall, I took a break from grinding 6-max limit today. Instead I played a couple really low buy-in tourneys, one no limit and one fixed limit.

I finished middle of the pack in the no limit tourney when I flopped a set and pushed all in on a brick turn to get knocked out when the river filled a flush. To her credit, she had flopped an open ended straight draw plus the flush draw and had enough chips to cover me, so c'est la vie.

In the limit tourney it seemed to be an awful long time before I finally played my first hand, when I got dealt pocket Kings and added over 50% to my stack. I stuck to solid starting hands and managed to take a few more pots down before getting moved to another table with approximately double my starting stack. I took a big hand without showdown on my first hand at the new table and took the blinds with another pre flop raise on the very next hand. This was the perfect set up for getting dealt pocket Kings on my third hand at this table, however, the river was uncooperative, filling someone elses draw, and I ended up back to where I was when I sat down.

I slowly worked my way up to the top 20 or so and fought to stay there. There was a player two to my left that absolutely clobbered me for the later part of the tourney. The table was fairly tight as the blinds increased and this player was the most aggressive player at the table. Other than myself, there weren't many opening raises and almost no 3-bets. Anyway, to make a long story short, he kept 3-betting my open raises, raising my blinds, and pretty much just beat me (and the rest of the table) up. We went at it a few times and any time it went to showdown he had the goods. With the blinds where they were and how aggressive he had been playing, I was at the very least calling down with two pair though and was dominated by him the few times this happened. I kept taking chips from the rest of the table and then promptly gave them to him. In the end he took me out with a rivered straight against my turned two pair which put him 2nd in chips with a little under 30 players left. So much for staying out of the way of the big stacks.

Again, I made the money but went out quickly thereafter as I have been doing a lot lately in tourneys. As I rarely play tourneys, I'm not entirely disappointed with results like this and in this particular case I was quite happy with my play. I didn't seize up and go rock tight, but stayed active and gave myself a fighting chance. Next time, I just won't run into bigger hands. Fool proof plan!

One of the last times I was on a big losing skid I switched to some low stake Omaha for a change of pace and had a blast. Today I decided to take a shot at stud and once again I had a blast.

I fired up some play money stud at Poker Stars and dusted off Super System 2 to see what Todd Brunson had to say about Stud. Strangely enough, people were playing the play money game like they were playing with play money or something and pretty much every street was capped the whole way, leaving me as the only person who knew a fold button existed. I quickly drained my initial 1000 play chips before realizing that Todd Brunson was talking about Stud Hi Lo, so I switched to Hi Lo and ended up on a play money table that actually had people playing very very reasonably for a play money table. It was also the friendliest table I have sat at in months, with two or three 'nhs' after every hand followed by ty's and tyvm's with 'yw' and 'yvw' chasers. So, apparently stud players are total hippies. Nice. Anyway, I loaded up another 1000 play chips and quickly ground that down to 300 or so before I slowly made my way back to 2000 and then tacked on a bit of play money profit.

Boosted by newfound confidence I marched off to find a real money table to tackle and settled into a high stakes $0.04/$0.08 with $0.01 ante table, buying in with an intimidating stack of $2.00. I'm sure I played like a total donk as I barely knew what I was doing, but I had a better grasp on stud than on omaha in the early going. The table was pretty passive with plenty of checking, lots of calling and very little raising. I tried to stick to decent starting hands but probably called down more than I should have once I was involved in a pot. I took plenty of 1/2 pots with lows and scooped more than my fair share.

My biggest hand was a well disguised full house that I capped the last two streets on with a couple callers. I filled several hands on the river, which probably means I was calling to the river too much, but I found that people left at the end of the hand often had very little. Winning hands were often a lot weaker than I was expecting. I ran my $2 up to $5.39 marking today as one of my best poker days in July!

I just love that there are so many different games at such small stakes offered on the internet. Stud turned out to be a very nice break and thankfully I could try it out with very little risk. I should play Omaha and Stud and other games more often as I am sure playing other games can only help my hold 'em. Of course, it would take a lot of work to get up to stakes that make it worthwhile from a money point of view but the way things have been going recently even just losing a few dollars on a different game beats the hell out of losing $100 in a night on hold 'em.

Yay Stud!

Special thanks to Felicia for always yammering on about Stud and Omaha which probably subliminally impacted my decision to try those games out in the first place.

Losing Streak

Since the last week of June, I have been bleeding money on the poker tables. July is off to a nasty start with losses in excess of $160 so far and this marks an improvement over the last week of June during which I lost close to $300. For the first time since I started playing my losses are even outrunning my bonuses.

To take a small break from poker I deposited another $100 at Intercasino for their monthly match bonus. My midas touch continued there, quickly running the $200 total to under $50 at blackjack prior to closing the casino before I could launch my laptop through a window. On the bright side, some nasty beats at blackjack always makes me feel better about poker.

Despite the accumulating poker losses this month, I am actually having fun as I am mixing in a lot of small tourneys. Tourneys are not profitable for me, but they aren't a huge cash drain either - my big losses are coming from my regular cash games. I'll keep plugging away and eventually the tide will turn. C'mon upswing!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekend > Monday

For a nice change, I do not know exactly how much I won or lost this weekend. I won a bit on Friday and Saturday and lost a good chunk back on Sunday. I suspect overall I was up a little but not much. For the most part I was at Party working off another $100 reload bonus on the .50/1 and 1/2 6-max limit tables but I also got in a couple tourneys, finishing somewhere in the 30's in a couple Stars 180's and finishing just in the money in a Paradise fixed limit tourney.

July continues to beat on me as I still haven't broken even on play and am only booking a small overall profit due to bonuses. I trust that will change by the end of the month but I'm bound to have a losing month sooner or later, so this could be the one. On the bonus front I haven't been very active this month either, only working on 2 $100 reload bonuses right now at Party and Paradise with no plans to chase anything else down. I also have the Stars reload bonus but that will not be cleared for months as I have not been playing any SNG's lately.

I need another weekend to recover from the last one. An emergency party broke out on Friday night and all of Saturday was spent at a wedding which required further partying. I think we got to bed around 5am Saturday night/Sunday morning. Ugh.

Friday, July 07, 2006

poker no guts pansy

F Google!

I had a recent visitor through here on a google search for "poker no guts pansy". Man, google sure has my game pegged.

Other popular searches that seem to find me include "Trout Blogs", "sng roi itm", "betfred bonus", and the odd person looking for a free registration key for Sit n Go Power Tools - freeloading pricks. I have no clue how google searches, page rankings and all that stuff works and I'm quite content to remain blissfully ignorant of it all. However, I suspect that if I laced my pussy posts full of sexually charged cock and bull stories, more boobs would find their way here. Or not. I really don't know.

We are on half-day Fridays for the summer now and I'm starting out by staying three hours longer than necessary today. Perhaps if I did some work earlier in the week I wouldn't be having this problem. Procrastination rules.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Profit!?

It is a Christmas miracle! I booked a win on a Thursday night! Okay, it was a very small win, it isn't Christmas and all that but I'm pumped anyway.

I have been having a blast lately with the 180 man $4 no limit tourneys on Poker Stars, so I loaded up another one tonight. I folded what turned out to be the best hand fairly early in the tourney when I got spooked by a relatively weak bet coupled with an Ace on the flop and a couple callers. I actually had the best hand the whole way and would have rivered a full house to take a large pot down had I not scampered so early in the hand. Live and learn. My biggest mistake in terms of chips was running my AQ into AA on an A high flop. Possibly fueled by the previous big stupid lay down, this time I read the weak bet as a sign of weakness, not strength and ended up losing a bundle by the end of the hand. With an A in my hand and one on the board I was really discounting AA but AK was a real possibility. Taking away the results oriented thinking, I believe my laydown was the bigger mistake of the two. This put me in shortstack mode for a while and I managed to double up through a big stack with A9 versus his A3 but later ran out of steam when I got it all in again with TT preflop and lost to AJ, finishing in 69th.

Paradise hasn't beaten me down quite enough lately, so I bravely ventured back for some more 5-max $1/$2 limit and finished with a small win after going up and down for a little over an hour.

With tonights small win, my cumulative Thursday losses have dipped to $154 while last nights complete thumping has inflated my Wednesday losses to $339. What is it with those two nights!? Every other day of the week sits in a profit position and I definitely analyze this useless crap too much if I know this. Ah well, I needed a poker strength and not having any natural talent at all, I have settled for bankroll management and record keeping as my strengths.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Strange day of poker for me today. It started out fairly well with a good showing in a 180 man $4 tourney on Stars. I cruised to the final two tables and then self destructed, finishing 11th rather than my regular 10th. This marks the third time in the last couple weeks I have bubbled just before the final table in that tourney. I'm not stealing enough around the bubble and am going in with a weak stack. Cards would help, but I'll have to open it up a bit without them too.

Then I hopped into a $6 Limit tourney at Party which had 869 entrants. Up until the final 120 or so, I had double the average stack when I hit two bad hands in a row then went card dead. I managed to steal some blinds here and there to stay alive but was no threat to anyone the rest of the way. I managed to finish 45th to win four times my buy in. Things went downhill from here.

A little later I decided to try some short handed $25-max no limit cash games at Paradise, at which time I promptly gave away $40. I was a pretty good set magnet, letting my opponent catch one anytime I had an overpair or two pair. My no limit cash game needs lots of work!

To work off a little bit of the Paradise reload bonus I fired up a 5-max $1/$2 table and proceeded to get rivered to death, repeatedly. Great in the long term, crap in the short term.

While I was getting destroyed at $1/$2, I played in the Mookie for a few minutes before making a very hasty exit and getting back to being clobbered for larger sums at Paradise. I ran JJ into KK and 99 into a flopped top pair Ten, getting my chips in both times with a pretty good idea that it wasn't at all a very good idea. I love it when my gut reaction is right and I ignore it!

UGH! I just lost another big pot when a 74o chased a gutshot down. Down over $100 and counting at Paradise tonight. This site is loose and soft and is rocking me hard.

July is off to a very rocky start. The turnaround upswing will be sweet when it gets here. If it gets here.

Live Poker, sorta

My cousin is getting married to a poker nut this weekend, so we got together with him for a couple drinks and a small poker tourney last night. The blinds were escalated rapidly which turned it into a total crapshoot. I was rather card dead, with my best hands being QJs and KJs one of which ran into AKs to knock me out in 4th. I was not dealt a single pocket pair the entire night. We all had a good time though and lots of laughs.

Short post.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Come back June!

With the long weekend festivities in full swing, I did not play much poker until yesterday once I shipped all my company off. Somehow I managed to lose $45, the bulk of which was at Paradise playing 5-max $1/$2. I lost a couple bucks playing a few $5 SNG's at Poker Stars and broke even playing a couple 180 person $4 tourneys at Stars as I finished 10th, just missing the final table, in one and bombed out in another.

We managed to run up a few impressive patio bills over the weekend. On Canada day we went for lunch around 1:30 and kept drinking for the next 8 hours before finally heading back to catch the fireworks from my rooftop. We then continued to drink for 4 or 5 more hours before calling it a night. Some poker broke out at some point and I think we managed to play 3 or so small SNG type tourneys. Later I had a strange dream about someone lighting a deck of cards on fire, which made a little more sense when I was cleaning up in the morning and came across a half burnt deck of cards. Fun.