Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Year in Review?

I keep meaning to post the year in review but I keep putting it off. Exciting news, huh!? My poker world is too boring lately to bother posting about. I lose. I lose some more. I win a bit. I lose again. I haven't taken a good hard look at my results for the year but I do know that I fell quite short of my goal to make $3.5 million on poker in 2006. Pretty sure I clocked in somewhere between $900 and $1K on poker winnings plus a little over $5K on bonuses, casino whoring, etc. Not a whole lot of money, but definitely far more than I thought I would end up with when I started out.

No big goals for the coming year have been set yet. The $3.5 million figure is kind of a nice round figure to shoot for though, so I may as well go for it. I would probably settle for any figure higher than zero and would be thrilled (and very shocked) if I could knock out a five digit figure.

December beat me up on the tables as I was down in excess of $500 at some point. I clawed back a bit towards the end of the month but ended up booking a loss of somewhere near $370. Coolers, beats and bad play do not add up to a good month of poker apparently.

Lately I have been playing some no limit cash games and have decided to play waaaay down at $0.05/$0.10. I have only put in 4k hands or so and am doing well so far but of course haven't played anywhere near enough to read anything into the results so far. Once I have won 20 buy-ins for the next level, I'll move on up and splash around in the big ole $25 pool and see where I go from there.