Thursday, November 03, 2011

What what!?

Looks like I skipped posting for a couple days. Or four and a half years, whatever. Does anyone actually still blog? Have I exceeded the maximum word count for a post yet?

Meh, I still suck at poker. Relatively speaking, I am certain that I suck much more now than I once did. I rarely play poker anymore and removed most of my online funds a couple years ago, leaving just enough for entertainment purposes only on a few sites. Being lazy, I never did bother cleaning out my Full Tilt account as they required documentation for ID verification before I could withdraw and as a result I ended up with a bit over $1K tied up there which sounded like it was long gone for a while but perhaps there is hope to see some of that money eventually now by the sounds of things.

Anyway, a bit of a blast from the past stumbling across my own blog and actually being able to log in – something I am sure I had unsuccessfully tried to do at least a few times over the past five years.

Five year update:

- Still cranking out plenty of hours at the office

- Sold a couple places, bought a couple places, renovated a couple places, hope not to do so again for a long long time

- Had baby #1

- Expecting baby #2

- Still suck at poker