Monday, April 23, 2007

Low Key

Poker is taking a major back burner to work these days, so there isn't much new on the poker front. I got smoked at Paradise again Friday night but am not sure what the total damage is as I haven't updated in a week or so. All I know is that I am losing in April. Yay for monkey tilt.

I have done a bit of play at Full Tilt as well but have only managed to clear $4 out of my $600 bonus so far. This may be the first bonus that I am unable to clear. I have until sometime in early August I think but I do not anticipate getting the whole thing. I had heard that FT was an absolute rock garden, but love the fact that I can open a pile of tables and grab data before sitting. Saturday night I opened a dozen tables or so and then just ignored them while trying to relax a bit. I didn't really plan on playing at all but there were several very juicy tables with some surprisingly loose players, so I just HAD TO sit for a little while. So far I am up a few buy ins at 25NL and will stick it out at that level until I can grow my balance to closer to the $1K mark and then test the 50NL waters there.


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