Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fullhouse under Fullhouse

I am on a wicked streak of losing with fullhouses. Well, four or five days in a row with at least one big pot lost with a fullhouse, so maybe not a wicked streak, but a minor streak at the least. In one case the money went in when I was beat, so I probably shouldn't count that one. In another case, one opponent was a silly short stack, so perhaps that doesn't really count either. Hands like this early in April have helped contribute to losses of $60 or so and I consider myself very lucky to get off that good.

There turned out to be a good reason that my transfer from Paradise to Neteller was not showing up in my Neteller account, as Paradise decided to send me a cheque instead. When I cashed out, the message indicated that the transfer was to Neteller, so I'm not sure how they managed to turn it into a cheque.

I tried my first electronic funds transfer from my bank to Party and it went off with no major problems, so it looks as though I'll still be able to take advantage of reload bonuses there. I'll lose a few points on the exchange on the way in and out as setting up a US$ account is not an option for whatever reason due to Party insisting on dealing with CDN funds only. The only other issue appears to be the low limits. I was only able to transfer $500US without having to wait a few days for the transaction to clear my bank and $500 appears to be the weekly limit as well. I'm sure there is a way to get the limits increased and it probably involves me sending all my banking and credit card info as well as a dna sample off shore, so I'm in no rush. I'll find out in a week or so how painless an EFT withdrawl is.


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