Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bye March

March was very good to me as I got off to a nice start on the 25NL tables. I took a bit of a dive in the last week as I managed to drop 5 or 6 buy-ins before making back a good chunk of it last night.

I put in quite a bit of play at Paradise this month as they kept throwing sweet 100% to $100 reload bonuses at me. After clearing almost $300 in bonuses there in March, I still have another $150 to go. The games are pretty nice over there as well, likely due to it not being the most friendly PT site out there. Going into March I was in the red at Paradise to the tune of $220 or so and got spit out on the other side up $170, vaulting Paradise from my worst site up to my 2nd best. I am not a huge fan of the software but the games are so nice there, I will have to make sure to leave some funds behind.

Paradise played a minor April Fools joke on me this morning when I flopped a delicious set of 7's in one of my first hands in April, which I proceeded to jam right into my opponents straight. Oops!


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