Monday, April 09, 2007

UFC Upset

I am still in shock that GSP lost the belt to Matt Serra.

This unfortunate upset tilted me into moving up to 50NL where I proceeded to go up, then down, then up again and finally finish a couple bucks on the bad side of even in the end.

I tried to cash out the tiny balance I had stuck at Poker Time only to find out there was a $50 minimum, leaving me $25 short or so. Exercising the utmost caution in bankroll management, I doubled up to $50 and cashed out to Neteller.

I guess that yesterday was my last chance to move any money around using Neteller, so that takes care of whether or not I am going to move any money around. I have way more than I need at both Party and Stars and have ample amounts sitting at Full Tilt and Paradise as well. Four sites should be more than enough to keep me entertained for quite some time. I am a bit overrolled at each site for my current limit, so I had considered pulling a little out of the system but it looks like I'll have to take cheques or some alternative cash out measure down the road.

I tinkered around on Full Tilt for a little bit this weekend to get PA HUD all set up and cleared about $0.82 of my $600 Full Tilt bonus in the process, and lost $7 while doing it. I suspect this is a bonus I may not clear a whole lot of.


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