Friday, May 11, 2007


I have played very little poker lately. After having managed to survive another insane tax season, I have been drained and am just taking it easy. I ended up working over 300 hours in April and over 100 hours just in the last week alone. Tonight is live poker night with the boys, so that should knock a little bit of rust off my poker game.

I still haven't updated my April results but expect them to be fairly ugly due to extreme monkey tilt which destroyed what was a good month part way through.

My golf game is looking pretty rough but I have managed to get in a few rounds already this year, which is good start for me. I hope to get off my arse and play a couple rounds a week this year. The past couple seasons, I have paid a ridiculous amount per round played and intend to get a little more of my moneys worth out of the club membership this year.


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